ghost peppers for sale

ghost pepper chile

ghost pepper paste
ghost pepper chile

We now sell at the world famous Pike Market !!!
Ghost Pepper Plants grow 7 feet tall, and are Perennials. They can live for over five years !!!
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I have developed the most deadly mace spray you can buy
using a one ounce perfume atomizer I have made a self defence mace
Kind of a Female James Bond defence weapon
One push on the button of this perfume style bottle
will stop breathing and leave you attackee defenseless
and Paralyzed

I have to sumbit it to the FDA and my Lawyer
I almost died when i tried the first test
My lungs froze and locked up

Im gonna post a Youtube on this and it will fly !!!

Ghost Pepper Mother
ALL SAUCE is made from the Ghost Pepper Mother Seven Feet Tall
now celebrating its fifth birthday

I think this is the largest Ghost Pepper
Plant outside of India, if you have a bigger
one send me a picture. I have spent a long
time to get on this big
Good luck growing one if you try !!!
Ghost Pepper Sauce for Sale

Ghost Pepper Mother

ghost pepper paste
ghost pepper chile