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ghost pepper chile

We now sell at the world famous Pike Market !!!
Ghost Pepper Plants grow 7 feet tall, and are Perennials. They can live for over five years !!!
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Pike Place Market

Ghost Peppers Recipies
If you take one toothpick dip of the concentrate sauce and put it on your tounge, your mouth will burn for 20+ minutes.

Once your mouth starts to burn you can eat anything you want and it will taste hot.

It is best to go solid to solid with most foods. Buy some flakes and sprinkle on food, hot wings, buffalo wings, hot chile, mexican food.

Liquid to liquid is best, so if you have the sauce put drops in Salsa, Chile, Soup, or Bloody Mary.

Ghost Pepper Mother
ALL SAUCE is made from the Ghost Pepper Mother Seven Feet Tall
now celebrating its fouth birthday

I think this is the largest Ghost Pepper
Plant outside of India, if you have a bigger
one send me a picture. I have spent a long
time to get on this big
Good luck growing one if you try !!!

Ghost Pepper Mother

ghost pepper paste
ghost pepper chile